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It is going absolutely great. I am very fortunate to have Heather and Tasha, two phenomenal ladies, coming in once a week. Both take great pride in their work, which results in
outstanding quality work. They arrive always on time, prepared, tools ready to go, professional appearance and with a doggy treat for both of our boys. The workload, and it is a
lot I might want to add, is done with accuracy and also very efficient, which again reflects in the cost of the service, that is very, very reasonable. Last but not least, the one thing
which makes it all perfect, is the trust I have in Heather and Tasha, something which is of great value for me. Thank you Tom Klug, who is the owner of the company, to have
assigned those two great ladies to me, good choice and feel for the right people, done with a lot of knowledge whom to hire. I am very grateful.
                                    Gail M., Clinton Corners

I have been greatly impressed by their professionalism and the quality of their work. Though I had to  stop the service after I got laid off earlier this year, they were the first call I
made when I got my new job.  They are efficient and a pleasure to deal with.
                                     Christine H., Wappingers Falls                                       

Excellent cleaning and customer service!
                                    Donna S., Poughkeepsie

Heather and her team did a wonderful job on our house. We originally hired them to fill in for a couple weeks when our normal housekeeper was not available, but have since
moved to use Clean N Tidy every week. The house is always spotless, and Heather has a great attention to details and makes even some of our old surfaces (especially sinks
and appliances) sparkle and look brand new!
                                    Justin C., Staatsburg

I would recommend them to all my friends and family. I've had Janine and Natasha come to my home to clean and they work so in sync with one another. I also like that they
have insurance and all their employees are given a background check so that you know the people that are coming in to your home have been thoroughly checked out. Thanks
Clean N Tidy

I had hired clean n tidy a few months ago and figured a good amount of time had passed for me to review their work. I hired clean n tidy for an every 2 week cleaning and
haven't been disappointed with my decision to use them. I come home and find my home looks and smells so good. The girls are very professional but at the same time very
personable. If I have anything specific that needs to be done, they are right on it. I couldn't be happier with clean n tidy or the girls they send to clean my house and I would
recommend them to everyone.
                                    Kathy L., Hyde Park

The service was wonderful! They got rid of every cobweb, washed my floors, vacuumed my carpets and my stairs (which is very difficult when you're pregnant! lol), straightened
up the play room, dusted my frames, cleaned my bathroom and even folded the corners of the toilet paper like they do at a hotel. It was cute! They did much more than I asked,
were so friendly, and even brought along their own supplies, so they didn't have to use mine - which I thought was great, because I really felt like I was getting bang for my buck
in the al;-inclusive price. I'm so glad I found them!
                                    Rosemary F., Wappingers Falls

Coming home to a clean house was one of the best feelings ever. I always had someone that went the extra mile -- washing dishes, for example, is not typically included but my
sink was clean every week. There weren't many changes of schedule, but when there was (on either side) communication was prompt. I have honestly never had any
complaints! I have a busy household with 2 working parents and 2 little children, so keeping the house clean is no small feat. I found my housekeeper to be always professional,
quick but thorough. I have even hired them to come and do post-party clean up, and that's the best service ever!
                                    Audra J., Poughkeepsie                        

Excellent. They were right on time and finished when they said they would. Very professional, hardworking staff. Thank you Clean n Tidy!!
                                    Karen B., Highland

I had this company for a deep cleaning about a month ago and then decided to go on a regular monthly schedule. I find Teresa and Heather to be absolutely professional and
competent. They asked me if there was anything I wanted them to concentrate on and then asked for feedback. I look forward to a long and happy relationship.
                                              Ellen L., Port Ewen
                                              September 2015

They did a great job! Owner came over the week before and did a walk-through, provided timely follow-up with an estimate and they were here, on time (early actually) when
they said they would be. The girls who came to clean were extremely nice, professional and did a good job cleaning the house. They will definitely be coming back every other
week to continue to their services, we were very happy with the whole thing from start to finish!
                                              Felicia L., Staatsburg
                                              August 2015

Deep cleaned house and provided other services on my list such as “cleaned walls.” They looked at my house before scheduling a cleaning. I will be using there[sic] services
monthly. It went well. At first, I had a few concerns which were immediately addressed and taking[sic] care of the following business day. Teresa is amazing and cleans quick!
                                              Gillian D., Hopewell Junction
                                              July 2015

Teresa & Skye arrived right on time, introduced themselves and were well informed from my initial interview with Tom on what needed to be done, what I was concerned with and
what I would like them to focus on. They spent approximately 3.5 hours for the initial cleaning. While they missed a few “annoying” things which I will point out to them on their
next appointment, they did a fantastic job! Better than what would have taken me an entire weekend to do myself! I was thrilled to have my home looking & smelling spotless!
What a joy it was to come home in the following days and see everything done. I plan on having them come on a regular basis. I am quite happy with the results and would refer
them to anyone who asks. Also must say, I am happy that I joined Angie's List. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences using their services. Thanks Tom, Teresa &  Skye.
It is a pleasure to work with you.
                                              Patricia T., Arlington
                                              November 2014

Teresa is a marvel !!! She is absolutely wonderful ! She has OCD for cleaning! You have no idea how awful a job I presented to her, but she wouldn't stop till it was sparkling
clean! Teresa and her helper were on time and did more than they had to do, not less. I don't now anyone else, but Teresa at Clean n' Tidy is a find!!!
                                              Wendy A., New Paltz
                                              November 2014

I contacted him [Tom] via both tel nos. and an e-mail, he called me back within half an hour, pronto, clearly while on another job. We set up a phone date for that night and he
called exactly then. Came exactly, to the minute, to my house when he said he would, with four guys and 'boom', laid waste to the dirt in my house with an almost overwhelming
blitzkrieg. These guys like to clean. I was shocked when it was all over in four hours, on the dot. Wow. No chit chat or breaks, and charged exactly what he said he would. This is
a professional company and I got a good value for the expenditure. not the cheapest out there, but at a certain point, who cares when it is so well done.
                                              Alan N., Rhinecliff
                                              September 2014

When we met the owners we were impressed with their knowledge and willingness every way. I am not the easiest customer to work with but Clean n Tidy has always found a
way to accommodate my family. I have used three cleaning companies at least once, all terrible experiences. I gave up and made the decision to clean our home on my own...
that was short -lived after meeting Clean n Tidy. Like I said in the beginning the owners of Clean n Tidy assured us that we would be very happy with their work... Their cleaning
crew continues to exceeded our expectations at every visit.
                                              Karen G., Hopewell Junction
                                              December 2013

Wow! I came home after a hard day of work and a 60 minute commute to find my condo looking and smelling GREAT! l've already booked my next cleaning job with them. I've
told my neighbors about Clean 'n Tidy. (And I love the lock boxes. I feel great knowing my key doesn't leave my condo.)
                                              Sue S., Fishkill
                                              August 2013

I was impressed with how professional the cleaning associates are. They came to my home and went right to work. When they were finished they asked me to take a look around
to see if I was satisfied. My entire home passed my white glove inspection. I was also impressed by their office staff. I received a call the next day to make sure I was happy with
my cleaning experience.
                                              Andrea G., Poughkeepsie
                                              May 2013

I'll admit it, I'm hard to please. But that's just what Clean 'n Tidy did --- they pleased me. From my hardwood floors to my light switches, they did an A-1 job. Clean 'n Tidy, you're
my new cleaning company.
                                              Cathy D., Wappingers
                                              February 2012

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